24 September 2020


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Running Socks: Fun over Functional

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What is the appropriate sock for running?

We all have wondered at times about what clothes and what equipment we need for the workout that we do or the sport we are going to perform with.

Sometimes we even start the sport with any clothes available in our closet, thinking that the equipment is necessary only to professional athletes. But the proper equipment has nothing to do with the level of professionalism and how many hours we practice or daily practicing but to understand the need to protect our body from injury and keep it as possible physically and mentally healthy, to continue undiminished our workouts. In particular, the right running equipment is certainly helpful to enjoy more running. Taking in mind of course that the hobbyist and the professional work everyone to their limits trying to overcome themselves. Runners must protect their feet which are receiving incredible pressures and work harder than any other part of the body. Basic philosophy is: "Do not ruin your feet and your shoes with a bad pair of socks."


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Difference between "graduated compression socks" and common compression socks with elastic knit design

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Graduated compression socks are the technical socks which depending from their compression ratio (graduated compression value) are intended either for medical use such as prevention of lower limb edema, or for athletic use while improving blood circulation and enhancing muscle support in the calf. To achieve the right use for this product, the determination of how “tight” has the sock material to be is very important, such as also the measurement of the pressure exerted per unit area which necessarily has to be indicated in the product label – either it is determined in mmHg or in compression class (from the mild compression athletic sock until the firm very high medical one). They are known as “graduated compression socks”since they are constructed to exert maximum pressure in the lower part of the feet and specifically are tightest at the ankles and gradually become less constrictive towards the knees. Consequently improve circulation-pushing back blood to the heart.



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