8 July 2020


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Bicycle fans do you really protect yourself?

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The last few years, we all have observed a remarkable increase of cycling as a state of life but as physical exercise as well. Undoubtedly, the global movement in terms of environmental protection blew off an additional rise of the bicycle and the cycling sport in general.

It is an impressive fact that today’s modern riders and cycling fans are paying more and more attention to the right equipment necessary to protect them selves from injuries and aches, so as to maximize joy level of their rides. In cycling sport, the foot has the vital function to the cycling fans and this part of health is also directly related to the bicycle competition. Thus, it is well considered that the foot is the second heart of the body and cyclists must never overlook the most close to the foot material, which is.. the sock !

Do you know the role of cycling socks in sports?
Do you usually feel the soles of burning and accumulate a lot of sweat when you ride a bike for a long time?
Do you think this is a result of the excessive amount of exercise?
You won’t guess that the real culprit is your pair of socks!!!

Feet preserve the most sweat glands of the human body, thus the constant sweat exerted throughout exercise which cannot evaporate in time, accumulates inside your socks successfully developing favorable conditions of generating fungal growth and annoyingly wet feet – especially in the cycling sport where the soles of the feet are constantly in contact with the pedal. The right pair of cycling socks is featured to offer moisture absorption, perspiration, wear resistance and not easy deformation.
Therefore, riding socks’ level of breathability and wear degree has to be much higher than ordinary sport socks aiming to reduce any side effects caused by the constant contact between foot and pedal.

A quality level upwards from the special bike socks is the technical cycling socks which besides the above characteristics have more properties, such as:

  • Use of “Smart fibres” as “THERMOCOOL”, - technology that guarantees not only enhanced perspiration but also carefully controls the feet temperature level on varied weather conditions.
  • Strategic vent zones enhance breathability.
  • Professionally measured height level and elastic ankle “bandage” for protection, keep feet warm and support their function.
  • “Seamless” feel toe closure.
  • “Y” heel pocket – anatomical design with additional expansion in the heel, just to fit the shape of foot perfectly.
  • “Second Skin” tech giving optimum compression level.
  • You can find in our site www.xcode.gr the professional riding model “Cycling” (Code:34100)

Last but not least, a crucially necessary tip to guarantee your feet’s health is to avoid any cycling socks made by cotton yarns even if they are qualified as cycling socks. Pure cotton is a certainly “no good choice” since it absorbs sweat quickly but dries very very slowly indeed, while in just a few minutes will be wet soon.
Absolutely, synthetic fabrics perform extremely well in this point. Polyester (Thermocool, Coolmax) is one of the best fabrics for perspiration and can keep feet dry while increasing the riding efficiency.

Technical advice by X-CODE Technical Socks

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