23 September 2020



George Tentsos
Professional Cycling Rider

I would like to kindly thank you and to inform you about the products your company has supplied me with for my activities.

Actually, I am extremely satisfied, especially the Cycling model with Thermocool, which I have been using both for my workouts and my races, was proved to be the ideal indeed for my sport.

Mostly important to be mentioned which would certainly be interesting for your company, is the functionality in use. Upon several races taking place under lots of rain in France, my feet remained warm and dry-even though the duration of the race was five and a half hours and all this time my shoes were constantly attacked by water.

X-Code socks are extremely functional while use.


Λέσχη Εφέδρων Ενόπλων Δυνάμεων

Hellenic Armed Forces Association LEFED, carries out military exercises throughout the country and abroad, in any weather conditions and any type of terrain. Under these circumstances, the clothing materials used are evaluated to hold out in these conditions while the Club’s members are on a constant quest in technical specifications of quality and resistance.

X-Code Company has, upon information of our Club leaders, technically supported two major exercises. The first one abroad-Gabrian Patrol and the second one at KEOAX (Center of Military Training in Mountain Ski run).
The first objected a patrol of 60 km route while carrying a 50 kgr load and was performed by the Club’s Identification Team. The second one was objected to the military exercise of winter living in freezing cold conditions –30C, which was performed by all Club members.

The products tested were X-Code Hiking socks and X-Code Mountain socks. Both types of the different materials used in these two types of socks behaved perfect under the extreme weather conditions and the rugged terrains, leading to become part of the necessary products for all our men.

LEFED Club, would like to kindly thank X-Code company for the technical support offered upon it’s profound knowledge on technical products and finally the support offered for all the work carried out.


Voglis Vasileios

Congratulations to your company for the very good quality of your products. I have to admit that in both 2 athletic stores I have purchased X-Code socks I have heard the best comments, plus the fact that is a totally Greek company.

Charis Nikolaou
Triathlon Athlete

Regarding X-Code Compression Socks

I have tried X-Code Compression Socks to the triathlon: Coming out of the sea, put on socks and shoes, biking and afterwards running. Although the socks felt a little loose at the top, they did not slip and even the fact that my feet were wet and sandy, I felt very comfortable. While running, we had to fall into water paddles full of mud. The compression socks had very good results since they did not absorb water even though they are not waterproof. In cold conditions were very effective too. Until today, I have not tried them in hot weather-but I am mostly interested to try them since my next target race is on summer.


Karagiannis George

Regarding the X-Code Compression Socks now, please note that I wore them in an exhibition at Tokyo marathon for 4 days and I have to admit that upon 12 hours in a daily basis being in a steady position, my feet and especially my calves remained relaxed with a great feeling indeed.

My plans for Paris now, is to run the half marathon, so I will let you know about my comments for their effectiveness while the run.



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