24 May 2020


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On a daily basis, the feet are subject to tremendous pressures and work harder than any other part of the body. One only needs to mention that during human walking, the pressure exerted on the feet is at least twice the body weight. Besides, the foot anatomy and function are far more complex than one is generally aware of. The foot is a complex motion mechanism consisting of bones, muscles, articulations, joints, tendons as well as of thousands of skin pores. Appropriate control the surfaces and materials that come in direct contact with the foot sole is therefore of paramount importance. Being the "foot-shoe" intermediate functional link, the sock is called to cover the complex needs of the lower limbs.

Anatomically designed X-Code socks

The X-Code socks have been designed for the particular needs of every sport. They are constructed according to a special anatomical design using selected support lining on the various foot contact and overload zones to provide foot stability and proper position inside the shoe, protecting it from the shocks, pressures and frictions induced by the sports.


  • Prevention and reduction of injuries
  • Increase of the contact surface and uniform distribution of the pressure exerted on the soles
  • Increase of the capacity of utilization of the feet elastic energy that is converted into mechanical work for the benefit of the performances
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