8 July 2020


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Technological threads for special requirements!


Meryl®Skinlife, is a complete system of innovative and high performance yarn. Antibacterial, anti-odor, cool and breathable microbiber yarn allows the skin to breathe naturally. Meryl®Skinlife has permanent antimicrobial properties due to the silver based agent in the polymeric matrix.


Cordura® is the steel of yarn and is now used in our X-Code socks to make them as durable and long-lasting as possible. With the heel and the toes of any sock susceptible to wear and tear, the top of the range X-Code socks naturally have Cordura® woven in here.


Thermocool logo

A new technology multi-functional fibre. Made from smart fibre cross-sections, provides year-round thermoregulation and comfort. Thermocool™ makes the user feel warm when he is cold or feel fresh when he is warm.


Coolmax logo

The unique COOLMAX four-channel fibre shape forms a moisture transport system that pulls moisture away from skin. It also creates 20% more surface area than ordinary fibres, which in term increases moisture transport and contributes to faster drying.


Isoflil Meraklon logo

Made with 100% Meraklon PP fibre. This fibre maintains warmth for the wearer and has excellent wicking properties keeping feet drier and healthier. Extra properties through socks: High abrasion and washing resistance. Voluminous handle and odour-free. Excellent color fastness. Exceptionally lightweight, to guarantee freedom of movement and special physical performance.



Champion logo

Special fibre consisted of 50% virgin wool and 50% of a high heating quality polypropylene, which combined provide successful moisture management and high resistance after repeated washing and use.


Wool logo

Wool is fleece from sheep. It is a natural insulator, crimpy fibers create millions of air pockets that hold an insulating layer of air between your skin and the outside. Natural climate control and thermostatic insulator.


Merino Wool logo

The finest wool available. Merino is very fine, soft and light wool. In addition, Merino provides the excellent thermal and moisture control properties of other wools.


A special treatment, which protects the worsted yarns from becoming felted. This treatment prevents wool shrinkage and keeps machine-washed and dried socks looking new.


Sanitized logo

The sanitized label is the world-renowned symbol of excellence in anti microbial and anti-fungal protection.

Micro Modal logo

Natural fibre consisting of 100% pure cellulose contained in wood plant. Advantages of sock: Silky appeal and unique softness. Excellent moisture absorption capacity from foot keeps the sock fresh and without unpleasant odors. Especially friendly to the skin. Wipes out static electricity from foot. Exceptional resistance in sock’s color stability, which remains intact even after repeated washing.


Combed  Cotton logo

The extremely soft version of cotton, made by specially treating the cotton fibres with fine brushes to pull out any remaining impurities along with short cotton fibres, leaving behind only long, straight and aligned fibres. After the treatment, combed cotton becomes extremely strong with the advanced and unique cotton softness.


Lightweight, synthetic fibre with high thermal insulating value. PP doesn’t soak up water and consequently any kind of moisture. It is a very strong fiber, insensitive to stains and dirt with exceptional resistance in color stability.


A multifunctional strong fibre, usually combined with other fibres to provide advanced elasticity and specially improved resistance.


Hydrophobic fibre, well known for it’s abrasion resistance and it’s long life color stability. Extra properties also provided are high durability in washing and in most chemicals. Polyester resists shrinking and offers great dimensional stability even after repeated use.


Lycra logo

Lycra creates a sock that fits to the foot like a second layer of skin guaranteeing a proper fit. Lycra can stretch up to seven times its original length and will instantly recover when tension is released.


Elastomeric fibre made of rubber or synthetic elastic (spandex). It provides excellent elasticity, recovery and close fit.

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