6 August 2020


X-Code Technology

Special Technology for your feet developed in X-Code Products

"Y" Heel pocket

Anatomical design with additional expansion in the heel, in order to fit the shape of the foot perfectly.

Double Welt

Double reinforced elasticity at the calf, to hold the sock in place without restricting the foot.

Ankle Protector

Selected reinforcement in the arch, reducing the danger of strains and frictions.

Elastic Bandage

Special knit pattern with additional elasticity at the crucial sections where the foot receives the most impact, for excellent holding.

Air Ventilation Channels

Ventilation channels transporting away the foot moisture.

Anatomically Shaped Footprint

Anatomical knit design in the foot of the sock, depending on the sport, for protection and vibration adsorption.

Shin Protector

Additional reinforcement in the shin of the foot for more protection, when it is required from the sport activity.

Activate Pressure Zones

Designed pattern with activate pressure zones in the lower section of the sole, allowing fresh airflow in the sole.

Flat Hem Stitching

Flat hem stitching of the toe seam and use of Lycra for perfect fit.

Air Flow Pads

The different thickness layers in the foot knit of the sock develop a distance between the sock and the shoe, securing free air flow in the foot.

Reinforcement Sections

Excellent socks reinforcements in different contact zones of the foot.

Lin Toe System

Sock without toe seem feel, for excellent comfort.

Instep Knit

Upper section of the foot sock’s enforced knit, for internal protection from the impacts developed.

Heel and Toe Protector

Selected enforcements for protection of the heel and the toes.

Reverse Seam

Reverse seem of the sock at the bottom side of the toes of the foot ideal for activities where the foot is strained.

Breathing Design

Special designed knit pattern at the upper section of the sole, which helps sock “breathing”

Acciles Tendon Protector

Exceptional designed enforced double knit in the Achilles tendon.

Elastic Arch

Elastic rubber thread at the arch to hold the sock in place and advance the foot stability.

Tension Zones

Elastic sections at the sock with varied tension zones.

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